High-Control Group/Cult Recovery

There are many high-control groups that entice unsuspecting individuals into entry, commitment and eventual compliance with the groups way of thinking, acting and believing. Groups such as this can range from political activist groups, exercise groups, religious groups, meditation or yoga groups. Sex-Trafficking and Ritual Abuse fall in this category. To learn more about the connection of sex-trafficking and cults, please click here. There is a lot of power afforded to the leaders of these groups, and they can begin to creep into much of your personal life as well. It can come to the point that most of your disposable time, money and friendships are connected with this group. After a person leaves such a group, many questions, doubts and a lot of confusion follow. It can feel as if you lived on Mars while inside the group, and you are a stranger in your own land when coming out.

If you feel you may have been involved with such a group, please contact us. We have trained therapists who can help you sort out the experience to make sense of the system, understand what happened to you, and empower you to become who you were meant to be–a free thinking individual with self-confidence, assertive communication skills, having healthy emotional and physical boundaries, and you can learn to be happy again.

Please read my blog Post Cult Effects for more information regarding common symptoms experienced by those upon leaving high-control groups.