What do gangs, sex trafficking, terrorists and cults have in common?

Please join a unique and unprecedented conference will be held at the Larimer County Events Center in Loveland, Colorado, on February 8, 2020, informing the community and professionals on what characteristics connect such groups. Experts will answer questions such as: How are people deceived into voluntarily joining such undesirable groups? What neuro-chemical dynamics occurs in the brain to trick itself into prolonged manipulation? What is the latest research in sex trafficking? How do law enforcement agencies work with gangs, human traffickers, terrorists and victims? Nationally renowned experts will share their expertise.

Please be a part of the community taking a stand and reinforcing vulnerable others from exploitative influence. The more educated you are in the area of mind control, manipulation will fail with your families, friends and neighbors. The cost is $40.

1006 Robertson St.
Bldg 1 West Wing, Suite 110
Fort Collins, CO 80524

(970) 829-1968

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