NEGLECT: I See Myself in the Mirror – Can I Be Invisible?

“Why is it that I can see myself in the mirror, I can see myself smile, I can hear myself say hello to others, yet no one responds? Do they truly not see me? Do they really not hear me? I just looked them in the eyes! It is as if I don’t exist.” These are the thoughts and words of someone who has a past of neglect. As a child, were you greeted “good morning” with a smile and eye contact? Or, were you ignored—not looked at as you noisily walked down the stairs from your cozy bed hungry for food and even more so for human contact and parental approval. Does such reaction cause you to feel more like an accident of nature rather than a desired living being? A ghost rather than flesh and blood? “How do I know I really exist more than a just a shadow on the wall?”

This complete ignoring of a child can run deep in the psyche, even when grown up. How can an adult fill that void from so many years ago? The years cannot be replayed the way we would like. They are past and gone. Wrinkles and scars mar the once pristine face and hands. Yet, the hole in the heart remains the same. Neglect can come in many forms: lack of food, lack of shelter, or lack and clothing. It can come in a lack of attention and encouragement, or lack of protection. When a child is not made to believe that they are special, they will believe that they are not special. They will believe that they have nothing to offer their family or the world.

Neglect does not have to have the last word. As an adult, you can take charge and teach your inner neglected child something different. Sometimes, you might need the help of a professional to reach that point to where you can encourage, feed, teach and fill that hungry lost soul that they have worth in this world. You can show them that they have worth in your eyes, and that they have a tremendous amount of value to give to the world. If you feel there is a part of you that could use this type of pick-me-up, please call to make an appointment today. If you would like to know more about happiness and well-being, please read my blog titled: What is Well-Being?

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