Personality Changes from Cult Involvement

Personality Changes from Cult Involvement

Can cult involvement be powerful enough to change one’s personality? Most people know someone who represents the face of abuse whether through: domestic violence, a toxic environment, or narcissism. Cult involvement can include all of these, with the addition of spiritual and sexual abuse, including sex trafficking. Cults are defined as an organization with: an authoritarian structure; a closed system...[ read more ]

Grief: A step that cannot be avoided

Grief is a natural process that everyone on the planet must endure. I recently had the pleasure to speak at a traumatic brain injury (TBI) group at the Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland, CO, on grief. A group attendee said that it seemed like their “old self” died after experiencing a TBI. I shared that: It is common to...[ read more ]


I have just been trained as a group facilitator for Ending The Game, a 10-week non-judgmental psycho-educational curriculum to help individuals leave the sex trafficking industry for good. On average, when someone leaves, or is rescued from, the industry, they return due to trauma bonds and indoctrination processes 15 times. It can be delivered in one- or two-hour group formats...[ read more ]

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